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Thread Lifts

With our ever talented team we are proud to offer this to our repertoire, and proud to state for those with concerns, prerequisites for this course were high and demanded a 100% pass rate to sucessfully complete the course. So you can be assured you are in good hands, despite this course being newly introduced to Body TLC 

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Threads can be used to enhance multiple areas, almost anywhere on the body. 

Depending on the severity of the concern, some areas will require different threads, different thread material and a different number of threads.

Just some of the areas we can enhance are:

Loose skin on the... 

The underside of the arms

The hands

The knees

The elbows

The stomach

The décolletage

Inner and outer thighs

Buttock lift and volume

Breast lift, volume and laxity

and of course - all aspects of the face and neck!

What is a Thread Lift?

The threads lift and tighten the skin, creating an almost immediate improvement in the skin. Over time the threads stimulate the production of skin-boosting collagen and elasticity, leading to continued progress.

Threads can lift the brow, the cheek and jowl, the chin, the neck or the entire face or body dependant on need.

FTC stands for Fine Thread Contouring Therapy.

Threads are inserted under the skin resulting in increased volume and lifting effect.

FTC therapy instantly lifts sagging tissue and induces blood circulation whilst stimulating collagen.

Dependant on the thread choice, the stimulation will continue for 6 to 24 months! with even longer continued visual improvements

Types of Threads

Threads come in a range of sizes and styles, each with their own merit.  You may have heard of some in the past, but as with everything, time brings advancements and this includes the thread lift sector.

PDO THREADS are the original thread lift material.

Made from · Polydioxanone (PDO).

Lasts 6 months in the skin.

Best for younger clients or those who would like to change or improve their skin texture.

PLA THREADS came next to market.    

Made from  - Polylactic acid (PLA).

Lasts 12 months in the skin.

Great for moderate lift.

PCA THREADS are the modern advancement in threads.    Made from  -  Polycaprolactone (PCA).

Lasts 12-24 months in the skin.

Best for those who wish for the best longevity and moderate lift.


Thread Style

The style of thread chosen is often best left to your practitioner as they have studied to deliver the best service for you. However at Body TLC we like to educate and ensure our clients truly understand any treatment they may be considering.

The barbs / cogs on the thread, the direction and the angle they hold from the thread, is important when it comes to lifting the skin, and securing a long lasting hold.

Mono threads are completely smooth and are added close to one another in order to smooth the skin above, they offer no lift, only volume they have the least downtime.

Dependant on the clients skin, it may be that cogs are not practical for reasons such as thin or translucent skin, for these clients spirals and tornados may be the best option.

If you have the need for more than moderate lift, threads can still help, the plan may also include other treatments to get the best result.




















Price Guide

With the most respect, it is very difficult to quantify without a face to face consultation, as this treatment will vary hugely between clients due to the number of threads required, the laxity in the skin and the required result the client is hoping for, for some with heavy laxity more than one session may be required to achieve the desired effect.

As a rough guide only as it will vary person to person depending on severity and the threads chosen

Common Questions


Is It Painful?

Clients will experience minimal discomfort  with Mono, and mild-moderate discomfort for Barbed or Cogged threads during their procedure, as the area is numbed with a very effective cream prior to treatment, or injectable anaesthetic. Some clients may experience slight tenderness in the treated area for a couple of hours following their appointment, ice can be applied to help reduce any swelling.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is little downtime with Mono Threads, with slightly more for the other thread types. Clients are advised to minimise movement in the treated area for a couple of weeks to allow the skin to respond to the thread. Bruising is very common, you will receive pre & post care advise to help minimise bruising

No hot saunas, spas or intense exercise for a few weeks – for the same reason as above plus, minimising the chance of infection.

It is advised that you do not open your mouth (when threads are in this area) too wide for up to 5 weeks post treatment, avoiding where possible booking dental visits. ​

Is there anything I need to buy or wear to support this?

Yes, we advise you on support garments dependant on where you are having treated. When we treat around the jawline we provide a material chin strap to wear at night and when possible during the day for two weeks post treatment.

When treating the breast area we suggest you purchase a few lifted strong support bras - and ensure they are comfortable enough to wear day and night for two weeks post treatment.

When treating the stomach or derriere we suggest mild compression lift clothing.

The following links are good examples of what to purchase ahead of treatment.

Bra: Plus size link (click here) Please note these are in European sizes.

Bra: Standard sizes (click here) Please note these are in European sizes.

both the above bras are suitable for night time use for all, and day time for lighter breasts.

Bra: Super support day bra for heavier breasts : (click here)

Female Derriere: (click here)

Female Stomach(click here)

Female Arms: (click here)

Female Full Body Suits: (click here)

Male Chest / abdomen support: (click here)

Male Derriere support: (click here)

Male Body Suit: (click here)

Male Arm Support Sleeves: (click here)

Facial chin /jawline night straps: (click here)

Facial : Full Face Lift Strap : (click here)

Is Everyone Suitable For Threads?

Contraindications for treatment include:

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Pregnancy

  • Active infections or illness

  • Keloid scarring 

Are The Threads There Forever?

These threads are designed to be left in the skin until they dissolve (the filament is excreted over time through your kidneys), There is to date no recorded negative reactions (allergies) known caused by having threads in place. They are made of the same materials used in sutures and bone pins.

How Many Threads Are Used In A Treatment?

You need to have an adequate amount for the area being treated.  Ideally the mono threads need to create a “mesh” in order to see real results.  The purpose of the treatment is to create a ‘sheet’ of collagen and therefore the cross hatching of threads in each area is required. The cost of the treatment is dependant on area & how many threads are required, which is why treatment cost is P.O.C.

Usually an eye treatment takes a minimum of 10 per eye ( we have specialist eye threads to treat the tear trough area for minimal bruising & discomfort). The lower face can take 30 threads per side & a full face treatment can take up to 100 threads! Again this will also depend on the severity of the concern and the type of thread best for the job.

Will I See Much Difference Straight Away?

When treating with mono threads, the threads are placed into the skin in order to create new collagen & elastin which makes up the extracellular matrix of the skin. There is an initial improvement as the tissue has been strengthened with the thread but the real results are not evident for 8-12 weeks. With cogs and barbs, you will see a lifted, tightened result immediately which will settle over the following weeks to a more natural appearance.

Why Does It Take So Long To See Results?

Collagen is a protein that gives your skin its elasticity & firmness. (it is also present in other body tissues such as blood vessels, muscles, bones.). When we are young we produce lots of collagen, sufficient to keep our skin soft & supple, our joints free from creaking & pain when we get up after sitting for long periods etc. Sagging & wrinkling of the skin also occurs when we have less collagen & also after sun exposure. The collagen created can be damaged too - depletion of collagenesis (Collagen production) of the correct kind leads to leather type skin.

Studies show that collagenesis can be boosted several ways for those whom are producing less or damaged collagen fibres

  • Good nutrition with collagen dense foods

  • Ablative lasers – removing the damaged cells producing damaged collagen.(down time required)

  • Sunscreen – not so much to boost collagen production but to prevent photodamage of existing collagen & elastin fibres

  • LED light therapy

  • RF

  • Microneedling

  • Thread Lifts 

  • PRP

New collagen formation takes about 12 weeks , this is why we can start to see results at about 8 weeks but real results will be more visible at 12 weeks.  This collagen production will continue for about 2-3 years.

How Often Do I Need To Re-Do My Threads?

Once you have seen a result, it will last up to 24 months as the collagen production has been stimulated.

Treatment can be repeated to maintain results every 8-12 months

Does Having A Thread Procedure Mean I Don’t Need Injectable Treatments?

No, these treatments target different parts of the anatomy. Threads work really well with other Aesthetic treatments, complimenting & enhancing their results.

Treatment Details

  • Procedure Time: 45-60 minutes

  • Back To Work: Immediately for minor tweaks or within a few days for extreme lifts

  • Anaesthetic: Topical or injectable dependant on the lift.

  • Full Recovery: 2 Days for mono, and up to 5 weeks for cogs and barbs

  • Sensitivity Period: 24-48 hrs for mono, and up to 2 weeks for most other threads

  • Duration Of Results: 6-24 months

  • Risks & Complications: Slight swelling & bruising

  • Onset Of Results: Initial improvement, maximum results can be expected after 8-12 weeks

  • Cost:  - P.O.C

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You've heard mixed reviews online about results at other clinics?

There are a few things that contribute to these mixed reviews:
  • Every client will require a unique treatment plan, and for some areas a large number of threads to produce the required results.
  • If a practitioner doesn't provide enough threads, the result wont be as you expect.
  • If the wrong threads are used, you wont achieve the result you expect.
  • Sometimes threads alone are not enough to provide the result you desire, and a multi treatment  approach is needed.

Therefore choosing the right practitioner is crucial and having a thorough examination and discussion of needs is very important. That way together we can produce the best treatment plan for you.
When this is done correctly the results are outstanding!

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