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Massage and Beauty Loyalty Scheme's

We offer a loyalty Scheme for both Massage and Beauty. Both Massage and Beauty have three options available.



The scheme is paid for monthly us to give you a discount so you get the treatments you love at a great price!

'Add On' Treatments


Some of our treatments are even better with a partner! Enjoy a select number of our treatments alongside their soulmate for a discounted price!



PDT Skin Rejuvenation uses Low Level-Light Therapy emitted by LED’s to improve the appearance of skin conditions by stimulating the body’s natural cellular responses. The treatment is targeted to each client’s individual skin concerns such as acne, the first signs of ageing, rosacea and eczema, using Infrared technology and a specially selected wavelength. PDT is available as a Mask to target the face and neck and an Arch to target ares of the body such as arms, back and chest. 

Great alongside:

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Chin Up is a non-surgical miracle that reduces the appearance of sagging jowls and skin laxity in just 30 minutes. This treatment uses 5 cosmetic ingredients, 10 natural extracts and Chin ups patented Skintronic serum to sculpt, lift and tone double chins, jowls and sagging neck skin in just 30 minutes by boosting the density of collagen in the skin, facilitating the release of fat and promoting the regeneration of the skin. Perfect for treating fine, lines, wrinkles and creating and more lifted and smooth appearance.

Perfect alongside Radio Frequency Facial Contours!

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Metabolism Boost

The treatment alters the cells bio electrical current thus increasing the ATP and allowing the fat contents of your cells to be free flowing which can then be used by the body as an energy source.

Best suited to enjoy alongside our Weight & Shape Treatments

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Tattoo Double Up

Available all year around

excludes use with other offers

Save 10% when you have two or more tattoos treated at the same time

Your discount is automatically aplied at the checkout in clinic


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