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'It is my pleasure to welcome you and to introduce you to our wonderful team here at Body TLC Lincoln. Each member of our team has written their own short bio so that you can get to know a little bit about us here. I like to think we are all approachable, should you have any queries at all. We are all keen to help and motivated to deliver the best service possible". ~ Jaycee Lennox MD

Meet The Team

Clinic Co-ordinator

& Head Receptionist

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Jaycee Lennox

Lead Laser Aesthetician & Managing Director

Prior employed with the NHS for over 10 years. A combination of my medical/scientific education, my love of helping people and truth be told a little bit of self esteem... led to me deciding to step away in 2007 and retrain in the aesthetical laser field. I became addicted to researching the best treatments available. Having had two children and seeing the toll that took on my own body, I tried a variety of treatments, some with good results, and some which turned out to be more gimmicky than anything else. I hated how the desperate needs of those looking for nonsurgical and more affordable treatment solutions were being exploited. A single mother of two young children at the time, money was tight and having taken a loan out for surgical Liposuction, I was devastated that the results weren't what I was led to believe they would be. Scarred, swollen and sore for almost 6 months all with little change at the end of it... I decided there had to be better out there and I made it my mission to find it. I can proudly say I have never lost that passion. Research and trailing is still a big part of my career, so we can bring you the best around and I inform you from first hand experience.

My first beauty and laser business 'Be Admired' based near Sleaford, led me to see the demand for greater services and more affordable treatments in the Lincolnshire area. I wanted to open a clinic that offered great value for money, high-quality services, a well-trained team, open to all genders and all walks of life alike, the result was Body TLC.

What makes us different? A true passion for this industry. We deeply care about our customers and believe wholeheartedly in the specific treatments on offer here. Handpicking them for their proven results and scientific grounding. I can hand on heart say I have never been tempted towards a product or treatment for the margins they offer... Only the results matter. I very happily admit that I have tried every treatment we offer, incorporating many into my own regular beauty regime.

I am highly trained in many fields at Body TLC 

with over 14 years experience.​

I have newly qualified in advanced Aesthetics and I am proudly able to offer Injectables from 2020. I will always strive to bring the best for our all clients.


Jazz Davies

Laser & Beauty Therapist

Hi I'm Jazz and I am a fully qualified Beauty & Laser Therapist here at Body TLC. 

I am trained and able to perform all Beauty Treatments, and all Weight and Shape treatments and Level 4 and 5 Laser Trained to deliver Laser Tattoo  Removal, Laser Veins, Rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal​

I am hugely excited with my role in this team and I Iook forward to providing a fantastic service to every client I see here at Body TLC.

My personal confidence has sored over the years as the team environment here is such a welcoming one.

There is a real care for the consumer that is not often seen in other businesses.

I was supported with my training and cant wait to see what the future can bring

sarah waterman2.jpg

Sarah Waterman

Beauty Therapist
& Receptionist

I am originally a hairdresser, that has retrained in the beauty industry. 

After I finished my training I worked for a while with a different company before transitioning to Body TLC, where I had wanted to work for a while.

I am so excited to be working here, not only welcoming you on reception but also being able to welcome you into the therapy room to offer you massage, facials, tinting, waxing, and much more! 

I look forward to growing my knowledge base and sharing it with clients. 


Becky Webb

Clinic Coordinator
& Head Receptionist

Hi, my name is Becky, and I am the Head Receptionist and Clinic Coordinator here at Body TLC.


After completing school, I trained in Beauty and Hairdressing at college. I found great pleasure in the learning experience, and in seeing the confidence grow in my clients.

I then became a mother and stopped working to bring up my four wonderful children.

I retrained as a counselor and worked in this field for around 7 years. I then looked for a new direction in my life and found myself at Body TLC!

I have a passion for helping others to grow, both mentally and physically, and in their sense of self. I take great pride in my work and enjoy working to a high standard.

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Sue Long

Reception & Admin

Hi, I am Sue,

I am excited to be working on Reception, Admin and Marketing here at Body TLC.

I am enjoying learning about all the treatments that we provide here at Body TLC

I am a people person and look forward to giving you all the best welcome to the clinic.

shazia B&W.jpg

Shazia Saif

Reception & Admin

Hi, my name is Shazia,

I have a long history of working in HR and have always loved working with people and helping them get great results.

I am looking forward to not only helping people on reception but also getting stuck into the administration side of Body TLC.

I am excited to find out more about the beauty, laser and aesthetic world and how it can help you.

Body TLC Annual Awards

Every year Body TLC hosts our annual awards / birthday celebration in early April.

Sadly, with Covid-19 we have had to make the decision to cancel 2020, 2021 & 2022 celebrations however we can still plan for 2023!

Each year we celebrate with a small number of clients each nominated by their therapist, it is not based on any monetary value, but on connection and loyalty. These clients, our team and their respective partners all receive a complimentary 3 course meal at our black tie event.


We warmly recount the year and recognise the teams accomplishments and hard work.

We announce an employee of the year based on their credits and customer votes, then party the night away!

You can vote for your favourite team member in clinic as many times as you wish. Remember every vote counts!

The box is situated on the reception desk along with the voting slips.

Body TLC Annual Award Winners: Employee of the Year


Becky Webb

Head Receptionist & Clinic Coordina

Jazz Davies

Beauty & Laser Therapist



Jazz Davies

Beauty & Laser Therapsit


Becky Webb

Clinic Coordinator


Jazz Davies

Beauty Therapist


Julija Hotina

Beauty & Laser Therapist

Jodie Machin

Beauty Therapist


Faye Brown



Becky Webb

Head Receptionist

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