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All you need to know about


Platelet Rich Plasma &

Platelet Rich Fibrin

  • Recruits Stem Cells

  • Promotes Healing

  • Increases blood supply

  • Regenerates new tissue

  • Restores healthy hair

Donating Blood


Platelet Rich Plasma and injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin are both homeopathic treatments (completely natural) - nothing other than your material produced by your own body, used to help your body where it needs it most.


A sample of your own blood is drawn by a medically trained therapist. The procedure is very similar to getting a blood test at your Doctors surgery or hospital.

Your blood sample may be drawn by vacuette, butterfly needle or micro syringe,

dependant on the volume required. 

How much blood?

Not as much as you may think - 

dependant on the surface mass of the treatment area,

we will draw between 10 and 60 ml of blood.

Blood Test

After your sample is collected:


We spin the blood in a medical centrifuge 

This high speed action amplifies the force of gravity on the components within your blood

Separating the red blood cells from your blood plasma 

Blood Plasma is

Known as Liquid Gold

This elixir of youth is a concentrated product of your own growth factors, and healing power of:

Platelets or Fibrin rich platelets.

This serum is carefully extracted from your sample in two subtractions. 

A high potent serum of concentrated platelets


a lesser density serum for topical application


Both have their uses!

Your Platelet Rich Plasma is perfect for injecting back into the area of concern at 4mm depth, this potent concentration holds amazing power for recovery, growth and youth

The lower density plasma, is used as a topical serum over the area to boost surface healing post treatment. Although this lower density is referred to as Platelet Poor - this is no weak product!

iPRF : injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin, is perfect for those clients needing a skin rejuvenation with extra potent packed power! Fibrin is found when blood is spun at low G force. This fibrin acts as a mesh that dramatically helps hold the platelets in place for up to 14 days of power packing action.

Not only is it holding the platelets in place for longer, the lower G force collects a higher concentration of platelets. 

Skin Rejuvenation!

Your own blood can help you defeat fine lines, soften deeper ones, level pigmentation, scaring, acne scars, shadows under the eyes, uneven texture and more.

And it is completely Homeopathic  - there is nothing unnatural going in your skin.

Ideal for those looking for an alternative to Injectables such as Botox or Dermal Fillers

Though we also provide these services, and can advise you of which is best for you.


Does it hurt?

The question on everyone's lips, and the answer is it is different for everyone - we all have different tolerances.

We can offer topical numbing - although we do discourage it, because we need your blood vessels in a happy state ready to react to the plasma.

Numbing restricts blood vessels and therefore may have an effect on the results. So mostly we do not numb clients for this service - except in tender areas.

The needles are small, and do not go in deep - only 4mm - so there may be some discomfort, though it is for most,

very tolerable.

Is there downtime?

Immediately following treatment you will look red, with some blood spots across the area treated, for some there may be some mild swelling. The plasma itself is injected into an area it didn't occupy prior - so for a little time the area may appear puffy while the product is dispersed across the treated zone. Typically this is short lived.

You do have to follow some simple aftercare advice and most importantly apply sunscreen to any exposed skin following treatment.

Take a look at these before and after result here of PRP in the undereye area

How long does it last?

Results appear over the 28-35 days post treatment.

Results last varying lengths of time depending on how many sessions you may have had prior.

For most clients we recommend 3 sessions, one month apart for best results, then expect to see to them for the top up at 6-12 monthly intervals thereafter.

How good are the results?

This example shows a typical client after the full face and neck, one month after a course of 3

PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatments


You can see the improvement in the quality of her skin, 

Fine lines are softened,

'Smokers' lip lines are smoothed,

Pigmentation is reduced, 

Eyelids both upper and lower have improved laxity!

Her neck is tighter and smoother

Shadowing around her eyes is visually improved

Her skin looks more lifted and she ultimately looks

Younger, and Refreshed.

iPRF is said to give even greater results with the harvesting of double the platelets and fibrin mesh.


Rosacea has been a notoriously difficult condition to treat, 

it is so easily aggravated by many multitudes of things.

Thankfully as PRP and PRF are both homeopathic, Rosacea is calmed by this treatment!

A course is recommended for long term management but results and improvements can often be seen from the very first session. 

As demonstrated with the example here, taken before treatment and again 30 days after


Rosacea & Thread Veins

As PRP and iPRF both help restore blood vessel damage and a vast range of other aliments:

Those with capillary damage can also reap the rewards of this fantastic treatment.


Because PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma, and Platelets play the most important role in regeneration and repair

Take a look at the example here of before and after

1 session of PRP - 

Scar Treatment

At Body TLC we have a few treatments that can help with scars, so we thoroughly recommend a free consultation to discuss which may be best for you, dependant on the scar, the age of the wound and your own general health.

Take a look at the example here of before and after

2 session of PRP -

You can see a clear reduction in the scars visibility. 

The ladies scars was a deep surgical scar, vastly improved in colour, texture, evenness and blood flow.

It is important to note that scar tissue will always be scar tissue, what is happening here is a reduction, not removal


Hair Restoration

Hair restoration by PRP or iPRF can be done as a monotherapy (just a stand alone treatment course) or used in conjunction with other services, medications or even a hair transplant to increase the likelihood of success.

Suitable (dependant on personal health) for those who are suffering from:

General Hair Loss


(except Androgenic Alopecia)

Chemotherapy Recovery

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Or those suffering hair loss due to medication

Types of Alopecia

Please be aware we can not diagnose which type of hair loss you may have. We can however help in the following ways with these types of Alopecia:

 Involutional Alopecia

a shorted growth phase, thinning follicles and capillary damage giving an insufficient supply of nutrients to the hair follicle

PRP and PRF promotes Anagens entry, follicle regrowth and new veins for a health supply of nutrients

 Alopecia Areata

Immune system attacks the hair follicle, precents of cytokines that inhibit growth

PRP and PRF act as damage control, and promotes cytokines that reverse and promote hair growth

 Telogen Effluvium

A premature termination of the anagen phase, resulting in poor hair quality

PRP and PRF cause Neovascularisation , improves the quality of hair and promotes the anagen entry

 Scarring Alopecia

Scar tissue destroys the hair follicles and the ability to regenerate

PRP and PRF efficiency depends on the extent of the disease

We may be able to slow down the Alopecia

See the examples of before and after treatment. Dependant on severity it is recommended to have one treatment each month for 6 months then a 6 month top up review.

R (1).jpg

Wound Repair

Wounds are in some cases, very difficult to treat.

PRP has been used for some years with enormous success in the repair of damaged tissue, bone and immune disorders like Arthritis!

At Body TLC we are not able to treat joints or deep skeletal disease or pain.

Though we can help your body heal itself with PRP /PRF treatment for surface wounds and ulcers. 

Wound Repair Example

This patient had his blood drawn,

Spun under centrifugal pressure

Separated and the Platelet Rich Plasma injected into the wound

Platelet Poor Plasma was used as a serum to coat externally for added healing


This client had suffered for many months with no real improvement prior to PRP and in one month his wound had almost completely healed itself.


We at Body TLC are not doctors, we can not diagnose an illness and we must insist you have any wound checked with your doctor prior to considering PRP or iPRF  treatment



Psoriasis and Eczema

These are particularly unforgiving conditions

At Body TLC we do have a few options for the treatment on Psoriasis and Eczema - a free consultation is recommended to discuss which may work best for you

Treatment for these always requires a course, typically of 3 to 6 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart.

See the example here of the progress on Psoriasis on this ladies lower leg with monthly PRP treatment.

Here is an example of Plaque Psoriasis

See the example here of plaque psoriasis

with monthly PRP treatment.

Examining Blood Sample

Who is Suitable?

Most clients are suitable though we advice a free consultation prior to booking a treatment.

So we can access suitability and fully explain the treatment.

The following clients are sadly NOT suitable for


  • Cancer Patients

  • Those who have had cancer in the last 5 years

  • An active current infection

  • Critical Thrombocytopenia (low platelets)

  • Coagulation Deficiency

  • Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

  • Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)

  • Hemodynamic Instability (unstable blood pressure)

  • Anyone with Septicaemia 

Before Treatment

Assuming you have already booked your free consultation and have decided to go ahead with treatment, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before treatment day:

2 - 3 weeks prior to treatment

No Steroid Medication 

1 week prior to treatment

Avoid Vitamin E

Avoid Herbal Supplements

Avoid Fish Oil

 5 days prior to treatment

No Anti Coagulant Medication

72 hours prior to treatment

No alcohol

For 24 hours prior to treatment


Although we recommend this for the most optimum results, we strictly state you must discuss with your GP the effects and sensibility, of stopping any prescribed medication, PRIOR to stopping the medication and follow the GPs advice.

Before and After
Littlle jar


It is very important that you follow the aftercare that we provide, it will enhance your results and reduce the risk of infection

Treatment Day, post treatment. (day 1)

Do not touch, nor wash your face, you will have left clinic with a precious serum on your skin and it is important this is not washed away

Ensure you have a clean, freshly laundered pillowcase on your pillow for this night, or any bedding or clothing that comes into contact with the treated area needs to be freshly laundered that day.

Days 2, 3 and 4 

From the morning after treatment you may now cleanse the treated area with pre boiled cooled water, no soap, no other products.

Apply a healthy amount the the gel provided to you from our clinic. This will help with hydration and healing.

Day 5 onwards

You may now use your usually skincare products and moisturisers

Day 7 onwards

You can now allow the treated area to be exposed to sunlight - while using a suitable SPF sunscreen.

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