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Hyglow No-Needle Filler

Hyglow is a No-Needle filler designed to enhance and fill. Ideal for the needle phobic


HyGlow can be used for a multitude of anti-aging benefits, including wrinkle reduction, deep hydration, resurfacing , smoothing imperfections, freshens and plumps areas of the face including the lips, as well as helping to remove blemishes.


HyGlow is also known as the no-needle alternative to lip filler!


How is HyGlow performed?

We use a handheld device to help deliver product intricately to the area/s you require. The best way we can describe it is like being stamped on your wrist at a nightclub, it is a very similar motion.

Does it hurt?

It doesn't hurt at all! You may jump at the first 'stamp' on the skin, as you don't know what to expect; but after this you will be fine.

Are there any side effects from HyGlow?

There are minimal side effects from the HyGlow treatment, which include swelling, redness, bruising (in worst cases), but this often goes down within the first 24 hours.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The Hyglow is fantastic at producing new collagen to areas lacking. It also helps to plump, fill, remove blemishes, smooths and creates an overall 'Glow' to your skin!

How long do the results last?

The longevity of the results will depend on each client, as no two are the same. We all hold onto product in the skin differently therefore we average it out and say anywhere between 3-8 months.

When can I have another treatment?

You can have another treatment 3 months after your initial procedure.

Is the treatment as good as lip fillers/ injectables?

The HyGlow achieves incredible results, with many saying it is as good as lip fillers/ injectables when after a subtle look and the risk of lumpy deposits are greatly reduced with HyGlows' unique application.

Is it true that the HyGlow uses no needles at all?

100% true! We use a specialised device to help shoot the products into your skin to give you the results you are looking for. Ideal for those with needle phobias, those looking to shift from injectables, and those just looking to enhance their appearance!


Hyglow has a unique dispensing method, resulting in smooth application, with precise accuracy 

Unlike traditional needle injectables, Hyglow uses pressurized airflow to force the minute nano Hyaluronic particles under the skin without pain!

The delivery is then more evenly spread and results are more natural in appearance.

The target entry point is a mere 0.17mm with Hyglow, considerably smaller than the 0.39mm of a traditional microlance needle.


HyGlow fillers are produced by Amabelle, the makers of LoveLite Technology and Beauty Aesthetic Equipment. HyGlow uses pressured air to force nano particles of Hyaluronic Acid directly into the ideal layers of the skin, targeting the concern and greatly improving or eradicating it within minutes.

Hyaluronic Acid is safe, it is not a foreign chemical, nor man-made element, HA is infact a human produced carbohydrate and is within each and everyone of us.

Approximately 50% of the body’s total HA is in the skin. HA acts as a scaffold for the extracellular matrix, providing rigidity, hydration and turgor whilst allowing cellular movement and regeneration. It is also important in protecting the skin from free radical damage, particularly against UVA and UVB.


Our natural production of HA is rapidly declining beyond the age of 30 and this forms one major contributor to our physical appearance during the aging process.

By restoring the HA in the skin in the specific layers of visual change and decline, not only can we reverse the appearance of the damage, we can encourage the natural production to increase, helping to ward off further signs  of aging.


Natural Filler  - Stay Safe with Peace of Mind



We encourage booking a free consultation to assess the potential enhancements that could be made, and to check suitability for the treatment. As with all treatments there are some risks and side effects that may occur, this can including bruising and swelling and must be considered carefully before deciding if this treatment is right for you.

At consultation you will be given a quote, the actual cost will depend on the volume of HyGlow HA required to develop your required look. Prices are per 1ml of product, not per area as we believe this is the fairest method allowing our wonderful clients to look and feel fabulous for a reasonable cost no matter how many areas you wish to tweek!

Should you decide to go ahead with treatment a deposit will be required to secure your appointment. 

Before and After Gallery

  • Hyglow is not painful:

  • Hyglow, being made of HA is in extreme situations reversable

  • No-Needles so the risks are considerably lower of having any unwanted or undesirable effects like lumps or migrating filler.

  • We offer traditional dermal filler at Body TLC too. This can offer more dramatic effects, please click here for more information.

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