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Liposonics at Body TLC

Liposonics is our most effective Weight & Shape Treatment due to the use of high intensity ultrasound which helps to achieve PERMENANT fat loss of up to 4 inches per treatment!

How does Liposonics work? 

Liposonics uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound to super heat the fat at precise depths in the body thus destroying the cells beyond repair. The cells liquefy and are flushed out the body by your natural lymphatic system. The remainder cells compact back, resulting in a slimmer, firmer shape. New collagen formation is triggered due to the intense ultrasound, so unlike some treatments, your skin tightens up with the weight loss.

Liposonics at Body TLC
Liposonics at Body TLC

What size area is treated per appointment? 

Liposonics can be used to target fat in the exact places that are a concern to you due to its grid format, unlike Cyrosculpture, the only other permanent fat loss treatment available which is limited by the size of the machine head. During your Liposonics treatment, your area of concern is divided into grid squares and you simply pay for the number of grid squares you desire, making Liposonics totally tailored to you! For example, two flanks areas can be treated in one appointment. 

How many Liposonics Treatments

are required? 

Most clients have one treatment per area as each session will help you lose up to one dress size, however as long as you continue to meet the criteria you can have as many as you wish! 

Liposonics at Body TLC
Liposonics at Body TLC

How are Liposonics results measured? 

We monitor success with a tape measure, photos and 'pinch an inch' readings as these are more accurate than scales in showing results for the specific areas we target  

Are Liposonics results immediate? 

Liposonics will destroy some fat immediately however the full results of the treatment will be seen 12 weeks following your appointment as the body needs time to flush out the liquefied fat. You will be invited back for a FREE follow up appointment 12 weeks after your treatment to record your final results!

Liposonics at Body TLC
Picture depicts before and immediately after treatment at Body TLC, results continue to improve for 12 weeks
Liposonics at Body TLC

Does Liposonics hurt? 

Most clients describe it as a mild, discomfort with a cold, prickly, tingly or warmth sensation, afterwards you may experience some bruising or swelling but not all clients experience this. In some incredibly rare circumstances small blisters may occur on the surface of the skin. 

Is Liposonics safe? 

Ultrasound and this Liposoncis is exremely safe, used in medicines for decades. Our 3rd generation Liposonnics design has been used as an alternative to Liposuction for many years in America. Scientific studies have proved that the fat does not re-deposit elsewhere in the body and the liver does not show any ill effects from processing the destroyed fat tissue. 

Liposonics at Body TLC
Liposonics at Body TLC

Am I suitable for Liposonics treatment? 

The requirements for Liposonics is that your BMI is below 30 and you are able to pinch an inch of fat in the treatment area (2.5cm). You must have a good overall health and realistic expectations. 

There are some contraindications however:

  • Cardiac Pacemaker

  • Implants

  • Taking Blood Thinning Medication

  • Pregnancy

  • BMI 31 or higher

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