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Genie Facial Treatments at Body TLC

The Genie offers solutions to a whole host of concerns from sinus problems and eye lid laxity to toning the face and neck area to reverse signs of ageing.

What is the Genie Take Ten Face Lift?

Genie Take Ten uses the unique Baxendale Wave to create a series of sustained contractions which exercise the facial muscles; subsequently lifting the features and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, muscle all over our bodies drops causing the skin on top to appear lax and wrinkles to form, by toning and lifting the muscle back to its original position the face looks more youthful. 


Take Ten is 1000x stronger than the nearest similar machine. The Genie Take Ten is a 10 minute treatment however the full results of the appointment are not seen for 24 hours as the muscles continue to contract and regenerate after the initial treatment is over.

Genie Take Ten Facial

Take Ten Module, the ten minute facelift

Genie Take Ten is known as the personal trainer for the face. Take Ten System is a completely new way to a younger, healthier looking face. It is based on the unique Baxendale Wave and is more effective than any other system available in the beauty industry.

How does it work?

By creating a series of sustained contractions, the Baxendale Wave exercises the facial muscles in exactly the same way as we work our bodies in the gym. With exercise, sagging facial muscles return to their former position, increase in size, lift the features, reduces lines and wrinkles. The result is a younger, healthier appearance.

Exercising the facial muscles

As we get older our muscles shrink causing surrounding fat and tissue to take on a drooping appearance. With exercise and the right diet we can generally keep our bodies in shape but the facial muscles are more difficult to exercise until now. The Genie Take Ten is a perfectly natural way to exercise facial muscles.

Combat aging, reduce lines and wrinkles

When the facial muscles begin to shrink the drooping effect on the face can be very aging. By rebuilding the aging muscle mass to its previous state the face is fuller and benefits from a visible lift which can be retained with regular treatments. This full, healthier look also helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Power-building in just 10 minutes

Because we are "power-building", a 10 minute treatment is sufficient to achieve all that is possible in one session. For 24 hours after a treatment the muscles are still working and re-generating themselves.

Genie Take Ten Facial at Body TLC
Genie Take Ten Facial at Body TLC



after a course

What is Genie Micro-Tech Therapy ?

Genie Micro-Tech Therapy increases the ATP levels of cells which increases the natural production of elastin and collagen in the skin, achieving a healthier, firmer and more toned appearance to the treatment area. Genie's Micro-Current has been expertly designed to work in harmony with the body's own bio-electrical field to re-educate the muscles back into their original position. 

We recommend a course of treatment, generally between 10 & 15 treatments however this will depend on each individuals skin tissue and muscle tone. 

Micro - Tech Therapy is used in the following treatments: 

  • Eyes Like Diamonds

Eyes are the windows of the soul – so keep your peepers sparkling with an  ‘Eyes Like Diamonds’ treatment.

  • Ultimate Facial

Special occasions call for ultimate measures, a combination of the take ten module and the micro tech, that’s where the ultimate facial comes in. Within 60-90 minutes your face can be transformed from looking puffy and dull, with eye bags and dark circles and in some cases sagging skin; into a lifted, circle and bag free, glowing, slimmer, youthful and more beautiful looking you

  • Acne Treatment

Conditions such as rosacea, acne, hormonal skin changes, wrinkles, scars, toxin removal, skin hydration, and under eye oedemas (bags) are all treatable with Genie.

  • Age Defying

As mentioned above, the Genie ‘Age Defying element combines 2 effective treatments; Take 10 to re-build and lift aging muscle, re-contour features, tightening and smooth facial tissues. Cheek bones can be enhanced and jaw lines sharpened helping to lift and tone the neck area.

  • Neck Revival

Often neglected is the neck and décolleté which are susceptible to UV damage and skin laxity as we age.


  • Sinus and Hayfever

A runny nose, reduced sense of smell and puffy eyes- all signs of blocked sinuses, often causing facial discomfort,. By using the Genie Complete lymphatic sinus drainage treatment, we can help to alleviate the symptoms above; this can also help with snoring and hay fever sufferers.

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