Diode Skin Rejuvenation at Body TLC

Diode Skin Rejuvenation is the perfect starting point to target the first signs of ageing and help build collagen as a preventative measure. 

What does Diode Skin

Rejuvenation Achieve?

  • Targets Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Reduce Appearance of Sun Damage

  • Improve Appearance of Vascular Blemishes

  • Stimulates Collagen

  • Gentle Rejuvenation

How does Diode Skin Rejuvenation Work?

The laser beam heats the inner dermal structure of the skin whilst simultaneously cooling the superficial skin, this stimulates a reparative process resulting in new collagen and elastin forming which over time rejuvenates the skin improving the tone, texture and overall apperance of the skin. 

Diode Skin Rejuvenation is great as a one off treatment as it has no downtime however for best results we recommend a course of treatments!


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