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GSD Cryo vs Thermo Massage at Body TLC

Cryo Vs Thermo Massage is specially designed to help relieve inflammation in injuries and joint and muscle pain. 

Cryo vs Thermo Massage Therapy

Cryo vs Thermo, also known as Hot & Cold massage, uses ultrasound waves to causes vibration in the local tissues. This vibration causes a deep heating to the treatment area, although you won't feel this on the surface of the skin, stimulating blood flow and subsequently repair to the muscle or joint that was causing pain. 
For fresh injuries, the ultrasound is pulsed cold, this reduces inflammation and cause muscle relaxation, resulting in local blood flow and scar tissue breakdown. The result of local blood flow is a reduction in swelling and promotion of bone fracture healing. 

Cryo vs Thermo Massage at Body TLC
Cyro vs Thermo Massage at Body TLC
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