Weight & Shape Treatments at Body TLC

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    Liposonics is our most effective Weight & Shape Treatment due to the use of high intensity ultrasound which helps to achieve PERMENANT fat loss of up to 4 inches per treatment!

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    Ultrasonic Cavitation can be used for any area of the body but is particularly ideas for breaking down stubborn fat in the stomach and male pectoral area. The treatment uses ultrasound waves to disrupt the fat cells so they can be used by the liver for metabolism.

  • Vela Endermologie uses vacuum suction alongside Radio Frequency and Laser Lipolysis to manipulate the area of concern. Vela is ideal for the treatment of cellulute and sculpting areas such as the flanks and hips. 

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    Radio Frequency Weight and Shape, great for stubborn fat deposits.

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    Shrinking Violet is a highly effective fat reducing wrap by aiding the bodies natural fat cell disposal for up to 72 hours following treatment.

  • Laser Lipolysis

    Laser Lipolysis is a painless treatment that uses red laser light which penetrates to the dermis and increases the ATP of the cells which subsequently allows the fat contents to flow freely as triglcerides and be used as energy.

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    Genie can help improve a whole range of concerns such as lax skin, water retention and cellulite by using Micro Tech and the Genie Complete system. 

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    Lymphatic Drainage is a great way to aid detoxification of the body, to improve lymphatic flow, aid blood circulation and help reduce water retention.

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    Metabolism Boost is an ADD ON treatment to our any of our Weight & Shape Treatments. The treatment alters the cells bio electrical current thus increasing the ATP and allowing the fat contents of your cells to be free flowing which can then be used by the body as an energy source.


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