Waxing at Body TLC

Waxing is a great alternative to those few unsuitable for Laser Hair Removal or those not wishing to make the commitment of permanent hair removal. 

What Wax is Used at Body TLC?

At Body TLC we use both traditional silk strip wax and hot wax meaning your waxing experience will be tailored to your body to give you the closest and most efficient wax. 

What are the differences in the two wax's?

Silk wax - a thin layer of wax is applied to your skin, a strip of waxing paper is laid over the wax and then pulled off, taking the wax and hairs with it. This method is perfect for larger areas.

Hot wax - this is applied in a thicker layer and dries to a malleable consistency, allowing the therapist to pull the wax off directly, bring the hairs with the wax. No strip is necessary. This method is perfect for more delicate areas.

Can Waxing be Performed Alongside

Laser Hair Removal?

Extensive research has been performed to determine if waxing reduces the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal, the conclusion of which is that if your waxing treatment is performed within 3 days of your Laser Treatment it will not affect the next session as the hair will have enough time to regrow and firmly attach to the hair follicle. 

What Areas Can be Waxed?

  • Eyebrows

  • Inner Nose

  • Upper Lip

  • Chin 

  • Neck

  • Underarms / Forearms / Full Arms

  • Bikini Area - please describe to your therapist the amount of hair you wish to have removed at your appointment.

  • Half Legs / Three - Quarter Legs / Full Legs

  • Shoulders 

  • Full Back

  • Abdomen

  • Upper Chest

  • Male Intimate area - please describe to your therapist the amount of hair you wish to have removed at your appointment.

  • Male BSC

Waxing packages

All of our waxing packages are a combination of Silk and Hot wax.​

Fun In The Sun​

Suitable for Ladies.

  • OPTION 1 -  Includes: Upper Lip, Eyebrow, Underarm, Standard Bikini and 3/4 leg.

Fun In The Sun​

Suitable for Gentlemen.

  • OPTION 2 -  Includes: Full Back, Upper Chest and Abdomen.

Beach Beauty​

Suitable for Ladies. 

  • Includes: Upper Lip, Eyebrow, Underarm, Full Leg and Playboy or Hollywood Bikini. 

Combo Offer​

Suitable for Ladies. 

  • Includes: Full leg and Hollywood Bikini.


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