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Vela Endermologie at Body TLC 

Vela Endermologie is perfect for for Cellulite, Fatty Deposits and Lymphatic Draingage. 

How does Vela Endermologie Work?

Vela Endermologie uses a combination of suctions, rollers, Bi - Polar Radio Frequency and Low Level Lights to simultaneously lift the skin and fatty deposits and heat the tissues to between 3mm and 15mm.  The lifted fatty deposits are gently rolled between two radio frequency rollers which heat the adipocytes (Fat cells) and their dermal collagen fibers subsequently increasing the ATP which then allows the fat to break down and cross the cell wall membrane. The concurrent application of vacuum and optimal design of the electrodes allows for faster and deeper penetration of this heat.  Furthermore, the heat shrinks the collagen fibers in the skin, producing a tightening effect in the treatment area. The manual manipulation of the rolling and suction helps to drain the treatment area, allowing the natural lymphatic system to flush toxins and triglycerdies from the area. The results of Vela Endermologie is a localized reduction in volume, skin laxity and improvement in skin texture and structure.


How many treatments of

Vela Endermologie is required?

A course of treatment is recommended for best results however Vela is also great for one off treatments before holidays or special events!

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