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 Threading at Body TLC

Threading  is a great alternative to waxing for facial areas.

What is Threading?

Threading is a method of hair removal which utilizes a loop of cotton thread which has been 'twisted'. the thread is then moved, allowing the unwanted hairs to catch in the twisted area and be plucked from the the skin. It is said to have originated from the Middle East and South Asia.

Why Threading over Waxing?

  • It is said to give a more defined shape to eyebrows.

  • Some prefer this method to waxing as threading can catch short hairs, rather than waiting for the hair to grow to a length suitable for waxing.

  • For those with sensitive skin, it is less likely to cause a reaction as it does not contain ingredients that might be present in wax,  it isn't warm and doesn't remove the very top layer of dead skin cells that waxing may.

Please note that this method may take longer than waxing.

What areas do we Thread at Body TLC

  • Eyebrows.

  • Upper Lip.

  • Upper Lip and Chin.

  • Chin and Neck.

  • Extended Face.

  • Full Face.

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