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Radio Frequency Facial Contours at Body TLC

Radio Frequency Facial Contours is the perfect treatment for toning skin laxity in the jowl, chin and neck area. 

How does Radio Frequency

Facial Contours Work?

Radio Frequency Facial Contours utilizes Radio Frequency and mild suction to lift, sculpt and contour the face, neck, jowls and eye area. The treatment also heats the dermal layer which shrinks collagen fibers within the skin thus creating an immediately firmer appearance to the treatment area. Overtime, the stimulation of collagen that is achieved further improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

For optimum results we recommend a course of treatment. Why not 'ADD ON' a Chin up treatment at a discounted price to further improve your results?

Radio Frequency Facial Contours Is Best for:

Smoothing wrinkles, lifting skin and melting unwanted fat

Not suitable for:  

Clients with implanted metal in the area, heart issues, cancer treatment, on certain medications resulting in sensitivity to the skin fragile skin or those whom bruise easily

How does it work?

Essentially - Radiofrequency current will heat tissue deep beneath the surface of the skin and cause:-

Shrinkage of collagen – collagen fibres can shrink by up to a third in length

Denaturing of the collagen – leading to longer term production of new “straight” collagen fibres

Breakdown of some fat cells and stimulation of new elastin fibres – helping to reduce the appearance of fat cells

What is Radio Frequency?

Radiofrequency (RF) is the term given to electrical energy that is pulsed at the frequency of radio waves, around 1Megahertz (1 million pulses per second)

Radio Frequency Facial  Contours Contraindications

•Those fitted with heart pacemaker or other electronic biomedical devices;

•Those who have had dermal fillers or Botox in the treatment area during the past month;

•Undiagnosed skin lesions in the treatment area – especially enlarged pigmented lesions

•Those suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease and epilepsy.

•Those whose immune system is compromised or who have acute infections/inflammation

•Bleeding disorders or taking anti-coagulation drugs

•Pregnant women – RF current can flow through foetus

•Metal implants – e.g. Hip replacements, dental implants etc


During RF treatment, clients should remove metal jewellery (necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings, studs, piercings etc.) 


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