Radio Frequency  Weight and Shape  Options

Radio Frequency for the Body - great for Stubborn fat, Cellulite, skin tightening  and fine wrinkles.

Suitable for Males and Females to target particular areas.

What is Radio Frequency Weight and Shape used for?

Radio Frequency Weight and Shape is used to target wrinkle reduction, anti-aging, cellulite, fat melting and skin tightening.

A great solution for stubborn areas including :                                            

  • Mummy tummy.                   

  • Male breast area.

  • Inner thighs.

  • Buttocks.

  • 'Bingo wing' area.

Additional benefits include:


  • No down time following treatment.

  • Safe.

  • Results after your first treatment.

  • Tested to ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard and Quality Control.

  • Painless.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. Radio Frequency will give results after just one session, however for best results, we highly recommend a course of 6.

Q. Will I be able to see results straight away?

A. Yes, you will see results from your first treatment.

Q. Is the treatment painful?

A. No, however some clients will feel a warm sensation.

Q. How does Radio Frequency work?

A. An electrical current is pulsed at the frequency of radio waves. This causes the water molecules in the skin to vibrate and heat. Collagen fibers then contract and also encouraging new collagen and elastin production - the important elements in skin tightening. Fat reduction is caused due to the heating effect of the cells. Here at Body TLC we may also use Laser Light to enhance the penetration of the radio frequency current.

Q. What happens during treatment?

A. A handset will be moved continually across you the skin in your problem area. Heat is kept within tolerable limits by the movement and verbal communication with your therapist.

Q. Will the area be red following treatment?

A. Some redness may appear at the site of treatment, however this should dissipate after an hour or so.


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