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Pigmentation Removal

Whatever your pigmentation concern,

We have treatment options to help you!

What sort of  
Pigmentation can we help with?

Laser Pigmentation Removal covers
Sun Spots, Freckles, (some) Birthmarks, Flat MolesFreckles, Port Wine Stains and areas of Skin Pigmentation.
Hyper and Hypo Pigmentation such as Melasma

We have other treatment options available too other than Laser - 
We can treat various Pigmentation concerns with Plasma and CO2 Fractional Resurfacing too

after pig.png

Which Laser is used?

The type of pigmentation, and how deep within the skin the pigment is, will determine which Laser is used to treat your area of concern. We have three Lasers which can be utilized, the Q Switch Laser, Picosure Laser and the CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser, occasionally we may even consider Plasma as an alternative option.


Prior to treatment.

Prior to treatment you will require a free consultation. During consultation your therapist will discuss your medical history to check there are no contraindications to treatment, they will also inspect the area of concern to determine which Laser will work best. The process will be discussed, along with aftercare and possible side effects. N.B - Body TLC recommends that all areas of concern are checked with a Doctor prior to consultation.

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