Non-Surgical Enhancements at Body TLC

Plasma Perfect Lift is a non-surgical treatment designed for use around the delicate eye area that utilises the ionisation of atmospheric gases to stimulate skin fibres to contract and tighten. 

The Wonderlift treatment uses a 3-step modality technique which include Vacuum Suction, Micro Current Therapy and Low Level Light Therapy, each of these are scientifically proven to achieve a more lifted, toned and firm breast or derriere.


Femitone, non-surgical vaginal tightening, is a breakthrough procedure for the effects of vaginal atrophy. A comfortable, minimally invasive treatmeny to help you turn back the clock and feel more youthful and in control. 

Genie Satin Cleavage combines the Genie Complete System and Genie Micro Tech Therapy to plump, lift and tone the breast area, reversing the fine lines often caused by years of harmful UV exposure and the natural ageing process.

January 01, 2020

The Facial that rejuvenates, targets acne scarring and the first signs of aging! Can be a stand alone treatment or part of a treatment plan. 

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