No Needle Fillers and Permanent Make-Up

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    BB Glow gives a semi-permanent foundation that is great for giving a natural glow and evening out the skin tone. For more information on how it can help skin concerns such as vitiligo, pigmentation and acne.

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    Great for forming the brows of your choice! Microblading gives a well defined brow, designed to suit your natural eye shape to help frame your eyes. 

  • Permanent Lip Makeup

    Body TLC are proud to offer Natural permanent Make-Up! The natural look is designed to enhance your own natural beauty - available for Natural Eyeliner, Aquella Lips, Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, Hair Stroke Brows, Lip Liner and Lip Liner with Blush.

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    Hyglow is a NO-NEEDLE filler made from natural Hylaronic Acid to enhance and fill.

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    A great way to alter the shape of the face, from subtle changes for balance to  large transformations

  • Botox Treatment

    Botox can be used for many ailments including anti aging, anti sweating and facial structure changes such as altering a gummy smile


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