Laser Lipolysis at Body TLC

Laser Lipolysis is perfect for people who are generally active but have areas of stubbon fat or as an addition to our other Weight & Shape Treatments to further improve results! 

How does Laser Lipolysis work?

Laser Lipolysis, or L-Lipo, is a revolutionary system that uses low-level lasers for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction, and body shaping. Laser Lipolysis works by using photobiomodulation to stimulate the body's natural process for releasing stored content in the adipose cells.  

Treatments take just 15 minutes per area: The cells start to break down at 4 minutes, then at 6 they begin to empty, by 10 minutes they are fully empty. The pads are left on for 15 minutes for best effect but there is nothing to be gained by having the pads in the same place for any longer than this.


There is an instant reduction in area size immediately after the treatment, but some form of exercise will be needed to ensure it stays that way.

We recommend a course of eight treatments over a 4 week period for best results. 

ideal for gym goers

Laser Lipolysis at Body TLC

"think of laser lipolysis as a way of targeting your calorie burn to a specific target zone"  

Laser Lipolysis

What is the aftercare for

Laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis triggers the removal of the contents of the adipose (Fat) cells but does not stimulate the lymphatic system, therefore it is recommended that you team Laser Lipolysis with either a gym session or a 30 minutes walk or jog, to ensure the dissolved fat is removed and does not settle

"an easy and affordable way to tighten your target zones"