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Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC

Diode Laser Hair Removal gives you the ultimate freedom: No shaving, No waxing, No nicks or cuts,

just silky smooth skin permanently! 

Laser Hair Removal


Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC

Why use Diode Laser rather than IPL?

  • Diode Lasers have a longer wavelength than traditional IPL.

  • Diode is suitable for all skin types however IPL can only be used on fair skin. 

  • Diode is practically pain-free whereas IPL is described as 'elastic bands snapping against the skin'.

  • More effective and therefore results are seen quicker.

  • Diode is a newer, more advanced form of Laser Hair Removal and as always here at Body TLC we pride ourselves in providing the best!

Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC
Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC

How does IPL & Diode Laser Treatment Remove Hair?


To ensure you know Diode is the right choice for you, we have provided information on both IPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal! 


Permanent Hair Removal is achieved through highly controlled flashes of light which are absorbed by hair filled follicles lying in the epidermis. The absorbed light heads the hair which damages and destroys the regrowth potential of the follicle.


Diode Lasers have a 808nm wavelength meaning it reaches root of the hair by itself and does not require colour in the hair strand to absorb the laser energy and carry it to the follicle. Diode Lases are therefore more effective as the full energy of the laser reaches the follicle. Furthermore Diode Lasers are selective to only its set wavelength thus preventing damage to surrounding follicles or unwanted side effects. 

IPL however has a wavelength of 640nm which requires the colour of the hair to carry the charge to the follicle in order to destory it. IPL therefore requires colour in the hair strand and in the follicle, meaning only those with darker hair can have treatment. IPL treatment can not filter other wavelengths out- which has therefore been known to cause unwanted follicle damage and side effects in patients. 

Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC
Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC

How to prepare for Laser Hair Removal.


Prior to your Laser Hair Removal Journey, you must stop plucking, epilating or waxing your treatment area 3 weeks before as the hair has to be attached to the root at the time of treatment. You can shave as normal throughout your course of treatment however.

It is also important that 2 weeks prior to your treatment that you do not use sunbeds unless the area you intend to be treated is either covered up, or you have used a strong sunscreen. All lasers can make your skin temporarily more sensitive to the sun and vice versa so ignoring this advice may result in sunburns or blisters. 

Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC

What happens during Laser Hair Removal Treatment?


To begin with, a consultation and patch test is required. This will allow you to ask any questions you may have to a trained therapist and for them to inform you of the treatment process and aftercare information.  A patch test of varying settings will be performed in your treatment area. Skin Types 5/6 are required to wait 14 days following this patch test to commence a full treatment. Skin Types 1-4 are advised a period of 2 days between patch test and your first full treatment. 

Throughout any treatment, protective dark glasses will be worn by yourself and your therapist as Lasers can blind. 

The treatment itself begins with a cold gel being spread over the treatment area, the hand piece of the Laser is then glided across the skin; delivering pulses of light energy and disabling the unwanted hairs. The disabled hair in the treatment area falls out over the next one to two weeks later. Diode Laser Hair Removal feels cold at the start of treatment due to the cooling tip on the end of the hand piece however it finishes feeling warm. Most people feel nothing at all however some clients do feel some pin pricks. 

Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC
Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC

Are there any side effects to

Diode Laser Hair Removal?


Diode Laser Hair Removal side effects are very rare. Most clients feel very little and have no skin colour change. 

IPL Hair Removal  (the alternative older version you may find in other clinics - not our laser at Body TLC)

has a number of side effects including: 

  • Slight Reddening or Local Swelling 

  • Swelling of Hair Follicles

  • Blistering or Bruising 

  • Changes in Skin Colour

What are the results of
Diode Laser Hair Removal?

Diode Laser Hair Removal is stronger and therefore quicker than IPL, most people require 6-12 sessions to become hair free. We offer treatment as pay as you go (per session) or discounted in courses of six sessions.

Diode Laser Hair Removal at Body TLC
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