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 Hot Oil Envelopment Wrap at Body TLC

Hot Oil Envelopment Wrap is an indulgent soothing treatment that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and silky soft and helps to treat your achy body. 

What are the Benefits of a

Hot Oil Envelopment Wrap?

  • Leaves skin deeply hydrated and soft

  • Attacks cellulite as extracts from the Banka Agafji exfoliator fights indentations

  • Opens the pores to remove toxins

  • Micro-elements tone and rejuvenate the skin

  • Paraben and SLS free

Hot Oil Wrap at Body TLC
Hot Oil Wrap at Body TLC
Hot Oil Wrap at Body TLC

How is a Hot Oil Envelopment Wrap Treatment Performed?

The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation using a natural salt scrub. At Body TLC, we use 'Babushka Agafias Recipes' which are based on Siberian herb recipes used for generations. The scrub uses :

  • Banka Agafiji to fight cellulite, open the pores and remove toxins from the skin.

  • Brown sugar with lemon balm extracts to protect against future.

  • Golden Root and Siberian Ginseng extracts to saturate the skin with vitamins and micro-elements which help to tone and rejuvenate the skin. 

Following the salt scrub, warm oil is massaged into the skin and you are then left to relax and unwind in a heated wrap. During this time you can choose from a head massage* or arm massage to further help you relax. ​

*The head massage in this treatment includes hot oils, great for improving hair condition and scalp nourishment. This will leave residual oils in the hair when you leave the clinic so we recommend not wearing silk or easily stained clothing.

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