Hair Extensions at Body TLC

Body TLC are proud to offer the very best Remy Grade AAAA Human Hair Extensions to add volume, length or colour flashes to your hair!

How are Hair Extensions fitted?


1. Micro Rings

Micro Rings are small metal silicon coated rings, coloured to match the hair. The hair is clamped into place with the Micro Rings meaning no glue is required and the extensions can be refitted as the hair grows. The downside to this method is that the extensions can slip when brushed heavily and the more they are fitted the more the silicone coating and colouring will wear away; making the metal visible in the hair. 


2. Fusion 

Fusion bonds involve the extension being dipped in keratin glue at the fitting appointment and then being bonded to the clients natural hair. This method is the least expensive fitting method however the extensions can not be reused and therefore maintenance costs would be higher.  

3. Pre-Bonded

Pre- Bonded hair extensions are sealed with keratin glue in the factory and during the fitting appointment are heated onto the clients hair by slightly melting the glue seal so it can reform around the natural hair. Pre-Bonded hair extensions are very durable and do not slip when being brushed therefore making them a low maintenance option. 


4. Shrinkies

Small silicon tubes are shrunk around the extension and natural hair to hold the extensions in place, due to being the most fiddly fitting method it is also the most expensive. Shrinkage fittings are best for those that are in hot climates or regularly visit saunas.

Hair Extensions at Body TLC
Hair Extentions at Body TLC Lincoln

What are the requirements for

Hair Extensions?


Natural hair must be 3" long but for best results we recommend that hair is long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail, these requirements ensure that the bonds will be hidden and that the extensions look natural.

What is the process of buying and fitting Hair Extensions? 


We do not keep hair extensions in stock as we'd rather order the hair specially for each client. Each set of our hair extensions has 300 bonds, rather than the standard 200 that salons often offer which can make the end result appear thin.


Some clients with extremely thick or short hair may require 400 bonds however this will be recommended and discussed at at your FREE colour matching appointment.

1. Book in or walk in for a FREE consultation (all our staff can perform a colour match service)

2. At your consultation, your hair will be colour matched or you can pick one of our vibrant colours to achieve your desired look. If you would like a blend of colours this can also be achieved, simply tell your therapist what % of each colour you would like. You will be asked to leave an £80 deposit at this stage and your hair will be ordered.

3. Book your fitting appointment via the telephone or one of our receptionist.

Fittings can take up to 3 hours, feel free to bring a film or entertainment with you but ensure it will allow you to keep your head in an upright position. Please space your consultation and fitting at least 1 week apart.

Hair Extensions at Body TLC
Hair Extensions at Body TLC
Hair Extensions at Body TLC
Hair Extensions at Body TLC

How much are Hair Extensions?


The price varies depending on options you chose. Hair extensions come in 18" lengths, when fitted the hair will be in line with the back of your bra. If you wish for the hair extensions to be shorter, it is more cost effective to have your hair dresser cut and style them after they are fitted. 

As a guide, 18" straight pre-bonded hair extensions are £279 including fitting.


Pre-bonded extensions last 3-6 months with the correct hair. Body TLC can remove hair extensions both fitted by us and by others. Removal is priced at £25 per hour or £15 per hour should you book a future refitting with us.