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Extraction Facial

We offer a range of techniques to help extract or remove unwanted concerns from the skin. This facial is for those with issues such as Black Heads, White Heads, and Blocked Pores. We can treat other concerns, so if you have a skin concern and are unsure if we can treat it, please book in for a free consultation and one of our highly trained Therapists will access your concern.

Acne Extraction

There are a great deal of differing forms of acne, and of course differing stages, backgrounds, and medications prescribed by GPs and chemists. As such it is impossible to say without a consultation which, if any, method may be viable for yourself.

Consultations are free and there is nothing to fear with our friendly team, we truly have seen it all before, and our advice is always free without any nasty catches, so even if it is not possible to offer you treatment  at the moment, we may still be able to offer you useful advice to help you manage or improve your condition.

If you suffer from any form of black heads, congested skin or acne it will likely benefit you to book one of our extraction facials to help clear the congested skin, using tools, techniques and oxygenated steam, we can successfully clear problem skin.


Our Extraction Facial is a 30 minute Facial including cleanse, steam, extraction, tone, serum and moisturise. 
We also offer 'ADD ON' extractions for other facials or for those who need a longer time.

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