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Diathermy at Body TLC

Diathermy is used to treat a variety of raised skin concerns, as well as facial thread veins.



How does Diathermy Treatment Work?

Diathermy Treatment involves the use of Radio Frequency Waves that are passed through an extra fine gold needle delivered to the treatment area in order to hyphenate the skin.
This seals the veins and sears the tissue eradicating the problem.
A scab will form in the treatment area and heal over a two week period resulting in normal skin* after the scab has resolved.
It is important to book a free consultation in order to be checked for suitability, and to offer you an opportunity to learn more about your options. We now offer virtual consultations via a secure telehealth link for your flexibility.

*when following the aftercare provided

Concerns that can be treated include:
  • ​Benign Raised Moles.
  • Skin Tags.
  • Milia.
  • Verruca's.
  • Wart's.
  • Facial Thread Veins.
  • Certain Close-To Surface Leg Veins
Some of these treatment have more than one treatment option, so making a consultation is important to truly find the best option for you.
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