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Dermaplaning is designed to remove up to 30 layers of dead Keratinocytes (skin cells) from the surface of the skin resulting in a brighter complexion without the risk of breaking capillaries.

Dermaplaning &
Dermaplaning Deluxe 

What does the Dermaplaning Improve?

  • Appearance of Acne Scarring
  • Increases Absorption of Topical Product
  • Creates Wonderfully Smooth & Soft Skin
  • Improve Skin Pigmentation
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Deeply Exfoliates the Skin
  • Removes Vellus Hair
How is Dermaplaning Performed?

The basic concept of dermaplaning is the same as shaving. By aiming a sterile blade at a 45-degree angle and carefully moving it slowly across your skin, you remove dead cells, scar tissue, and other debris that may be making your skin’s surface look uneven.

Your skin is exposed daily to harsh environmental toxins, irritants, and sun damage. This can cause the top layer of your skin to appear dull, and it can make you look aged. Dermaplaning clears away those damaged skin cells so newer skin cells are what you see when you look in the mirror.

The treatment will be performed using a disposable sterile scalpel to remove the deal skin cells and downy hair from the face and neck. Your therapist will also use a number of different facial techniques best suited to your skin, this may include an oxygenated steam, ultrasonic exfoliator and facial massage. The treatment will be completed with a mask (with our deluxe version) and specialised serum best suited to your skin type and need.

You can select to begin treatment with a Glycolic Fruit Acid Peel or Oxygenated Steam if you have sensitive skin.

You skin will look and feel super smooth and fresh as a daisy following this service

What to expect

You don’t need to plan any downtime to recover from a dermaplaning treatment. You may experience redness or feel like your skin is tight in the two or three days right after the procedure.

You may notice that your skin looks brighter immediately after you’re finished with a dermaplaning treatment, but it often takes a few days to appreciate the full results.


As any redness subsides, you’ll be able to see the results more clearly in the days afterward.

Results of dermaplaning aren’t permanent. The procedure clears away up to three weeks’ worth of dead skin cells.

After a month, we recommend retreatment to continue to get the best results.

After a dermaplaning treatment, you’ll need to be extra careful about sun exposure. Sun damage could reverse the effects of dermaplaning, or create pigment blotches on your freshly uncovered skin cells. In the weeks after a dermaplaning treatment, don’t leave the house without wearing sunscreen SPF 30+

Preparing for treatment

If you have an active acne flare-up, you may need to reschedule your appointment to avoid irritating your skin further or tearing your skin’s surface.

You’ll also need to avoid direct sun exposure in the week prior to your appointment, as sun damage, such as a sunburn, could compromise your skin and make the treatment painful.

What are the side effects of Dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning has no serious downtime or side effects however some clients do experience the following:
  • Sensitive or Tender Skin 
  • Redness or Hot Flush
  • Tingling Sensation
  • Tight Skin
  • Dryness or Flaking
  • Possible small minor nips in the skin

Dermaplaning in action

Dermaplaning vs. Microdermabrasion

Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion are both exfoliating skin treatments that claim to soothe your skin.

While dermaplaning uses a knife’s edge to remove dead skin cells, microdermabrasion “sands down” your skin using an abrasive surface. Fine particles may be directed at your face in a blast of air, or a special tool may make contact with your skin directly to exfoliate skin cells.

Both procedures are similar in their:

  • results

  • safety

  • possible side effects and complications

Microdermabrasion tends to involve several rounds of treatments, with results that can last several months.

If you’re deciding between these two procedures, your best bet is to speak with a therapist at Body TLC who can advise you based on what kind of results you’re expecting. All consultaions are FREE

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