Extractions and Removals

We offer a range of techniques to help extract or remove unwanted concerns from the skin. The concerns below can look very different, so if you have a skin concern and are unsure if it falls into any of these categories, please book in for a free consultation and one of our highly trained Therapists will access your concern.

Extractions and Removals

Here are Body TLC we are able to offer a range of tools to help remove unwanted skin concerns. We can utilise Lasers, Diathermy, Plasma, or extraction techniques. 

Skin concerns that we can help with include, but are not limited to are:

  • Cysts.

  • Minor Lymphomas.

  • Blocked Follicles.

  • Infected Follicles.

  • Black Heads.

  • White Heads.

  • Acne.

Diathermy Removal

"I have had two verruca’s removed now at Body TLC. The first one was rather large and due to its position on the ball of my foot extremely painful, which is what drove me to find a removal method, the second was smaller and on my toe.

I found the process manageable both times. When the verruca itself was touched by the needle, I felt no sensation at all, I occasionally felt some pain if the needle touched healthy skin or flesh, but this was minimal. The therapist was very careful and checked in with me throughout the treatment. 

Overall I would recommend this treatment for verruca’s as they can be cleared up very quickly and with little pain." 

The Diathermy uses Radio Frequency channelled through a extra fine gold needle to separate the concern from the skin, cauterising as it goes. In some instances a small scab may form. It is vital that any scab is not picked at, as this causes scarring. You maybe left with slight redness immediately following treatment, but this will disappear fairly quickly.

​Skin concerns which are normally removed using Diathermy include:

  • Melia.

  • Wart.

  • Skin Tag.

  • Benign Mole.

  • Verruca.

Diathermy Thread Vein Removal

With facial thread veins, we have found that Diathermy offers a better option. For some Laser treatment is not suitable, but also the face has very fine skin for which Diathermy is better suited. As with other removals, the Diathermy uses Radio Frequency channelled through a extra fine gold needle, this needle is inserted into the vein and a short zap is given. This coagulates the blood in the vein and cauterises so that the blood flow is pushed back to the deeper skin and a larger vein leaving the viable thread vein to die and the  top layer of the skin to heal. 


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