CO2 Fractional Laser at Body TLC

CO2 Fractional is a resurfacing laser that can dramatically improve skin without significant downtime or discomfort. This laser is ideally suited for the treatment of sun damage, fine lines, resistant pigmentation, acne scars, roughened textures, and enlarged pores. It may also help reduce fine lines and skin laxity on the face, neck, chest, stomach, arms and hands with little to no downtime.


How does CO2 Fractional Laser Work?

CO2 Fractional resurfacing lasers are very exciting because they offer significant skin improvements with a short downtime. Compared to traditional resurfacing lasers that target the entire skin surface, fractional devices only target small areas of the skin (like individual pixels in a camera) with each laser pass.


The idea behind this technology is that if only a fraction of the entire skin surface is hit with the laser then the healing time will be much faster and the downtime greatly reduced. The normal skin surrounding these laser hot spots will in essence allow for more effective tissue healing and production of collagen. Treatment is described only as a mild heat sensation with no real pain by most customers.


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Fractional Laser at Body TLC
Fractional Laser at Body TLC

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Fractional Laser at Body TLC
Fractional Laser at Body TLC

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Fractional Laser at Body TLC
Fractional Laser at Body TLC

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Fractional Laser at Body TLC
Fractional Laser at Body TLC

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What can CO2 Fractional

Laser Treat?

  • Acne Pitting

  • Wrinkles

  • Skin Laxity

  • Stretch Marks

  • Blemish Scarring

  • Scarring

  • Pigmentation

What to expect after treatment

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treatment day

Fractional treatment is intense, the treatment is very effective but does acquire some downtime. Your therapist will explain exactly what to expect at your consultation. Everyone's skin is unique as are their concerns, therefore the downtime you experience is relative to the depth and intensity of your treatment. 

The Treatment Day:

Your skin is often mild red or pink.

On close inspection you can see the fractional marks on the skin left by the laser 

Skin feels tight and warm, there is a fluctuating sensation of being hot then comfortable and so on for many hours. This can be soothed by application of the aftercare gel supplied as part of your treatment package

Typically by the late evening the skin has settled and sleep is not compromised. Although you must make careful choices in sleep positions to avoid compression of the treatment area. Any items of clothing or bedding that come into contact must be fresh each night.

Day One:

The fluctuating heat is now settled for most clients, unless treatment was specifically deep, skin is no longer painful 

The treatment area still feels exceptionally tight

The colour deepens over day one and two, from pink to darker red

You should now implement the aftercare serum into your regime.

You should avoid the sun, and wear sun screen if you do have to go out 

Day Two:

Skin will look very sore, however you will not be in pain.

Skin feels tight and will slowly be turning brown

Day Three:

Skin is now brown and may begin itching. It is very important not to scratch the area as it heals

Application of the serum will help reduce the itch and speed up recovery


Day Four:

The treatment area will be peeling and shedding the brown skin, under this the skin will be pink as all new skin is. The skin resumes to normal colour very fast. New skin burns easily and it is vital not to wear sun screen for at least 4 months post treatment to protect from hyperpigmentation

Day Five to Seven:

Skin is now recovered in most ways, make up can be worn again.

Clients who received deeper treatment for more severe conditions may experience pink fresh skin for up to 10 days. Certain areas are more likely to have slower recovery. Airing the treated skin helps aid recovery, the more air circulation the better

Week 1 to 52:

Skin continues to improve constantly, we suggest a 6 month review to assess progress at this point

Time off Work:

Most clients book at least a long weekend off work, though it is recommended to take 5 to 10 days. The more intense your treatment is, the longer the time needed off will be.

As treatment is often not too uncomfortable, from day two onward time off is mostly recommended due to the visual impact. Some clients do decide to continue working

Below is an example of recovery of facial Fractional Treatment  for a mild condition.


Below is an example of recovery of facial Fractional Treatment  for more severe skin condition.