Chin Up Non Surgical Face Lift at Body TLC 

Chin Up is a non-surgical miracle that reduces the apperance of sagging jowls and skin laxity in just 30 minutes. 

What does Chin Up achieve?

Using 5 of the best cosmetic ingredients, 10 natural fuit extracts and Chin Up's patent-pending Skintronics serum, Chin Up is designed to lift and smooth your chin, neck and jawline in just 30 minutes. Due to the high concentration of cosmetic ingredients and natural nourishment from extracts such as Mint, Aloe and Grape, Chin Up will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! 

Celebrity Testimonials
Chin Up at London Fashion Week

How does Chin Up Work? 


  • Facilitates fat release and aids in the contouring prosss of your jowl area.

  • Boosts collagen densit in your skin which creates a firming effect.

  • Fat cells are stabilised by the Skintronics serum to create a tighter and lifted appearance to your neck and jowls. 


  • Promotes the regeneration of your skin

  • Gives immediate relief to dry and dehydrated skin due to strong anti-oxidants

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Increases your skin cells' ability to bind with water

  • Strengthens the outer layers of your skin to create a softer and firmer apperance to your complexion. 

  • Helps to reduce signs of ageing

  • Extracts waste from your cells to help them continue to perform at optimum levels. 

Vitamin E

  • Protects your skin from free radicals and lipid peroxidation

  • Acts as an anti-oxidant

  • Moisturises and protects your skin

  • Improves elasticity and smoothnes

Corum 9235

  • Stimulates absoprtion of Skintronic Serum

  • Pomotes the loss of chin fat

  • Gives a warming sensation to the treatment area.

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