Callus Peel at Body TLC

A Callus Peel Treatment removes hard, thickened skin from the ball or heel of the foot giving you the confidence and comfort to wear summery sandals, sparkly peep toes or go bare foot on the beach!

What does the

Callus Peel Treatment include?

The Callus Peel treatment begins with the hard, thickened skin being softened, either on the ball or heel of the foot, the build up of skin is then removed to reveal soft and luscious skin. This treatment also involves a complimentary leg massage to allow you to fully relax.

Callus Treatmnt a Body TLC

What is a callus?


What to expect

After a brief consultation of the area, your skin is prepped with a special solution to soften the hard built up skin.

Typically you choose between the ball of the feet or the heels. Or additionally, you can upgrade for both areas.

The feet are wrapped to soak

The hardened skin is softened and scrapped away, severe cases may need more than one session to be fully restored.