Aqua Detox at Body TLC

Caflon Ear Piercing at Body TLC

Why choose Body TLC & Caflon?

  • We are registered and Licensed with Lincoln City Council to perform Ear Piercing Services

  • We use the Caflon Blu System which was developed over 30 years to meet all the requirements of the British Health Authority, and is virtually contamination free.

  • We do not manually handle the earrings

  • We offer a large range of earring choices (and two lengths for smaller ears)

  • Piercing takes place in a clinical private room, not a high street shop

  • We stock aftercare solution (FREE for under 10's)

Caflon Ear Piercing solution at Body TLC Lincoln
Caflon Ear Piercing at Body TLC Lincoln

What is the minimum age we pierce?
Our therapists pierce ears from age 6 onward however each client will be determined on an individual basis.